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TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watches - Precision Guaranteed
Adventuring with time:
Formula 1 is among those watch collections that has in its store some revolutionary watches that has raised the bar of exactness in keeping time. It runs like a professional racer and presents an example of the brand`s fame in high class watch making. Their world class technological expertise makes them work like an adventure sports personality. Those who love to explore new things, these watches are obvious to allure them. Models from this collection are well-known for their researching into new aspects of watch producing.
Innovation in designing watches:
TAG Heuer`s close connection to modernization is visible in ceramic borne watches that are specially constructed for this family. Timepieces from this line bear cases that are made of stainless steel varnished with black titanium carbide in some versions for increased longevity. Modest index with irregular Arabic numerals indicate the hours. The dials are treated in shades of black, grey and white, with multiple coloured embellishments carrying out the superior crafting of the brand. It also has a ladies version. Watches belonging from the feminine section have bezels and dials inserted with worthy ornaments to bring a charming appeal. Exceptional embroidery on watch crowns permits a tight and safe grip for easy management of time. It also brings an intricate dimension to the watch designs. Different forms of bracelets are offered with these models. They start from mono-toned to dual toned steel and rubber giving a watch lover complete freedom in choosing a watch according to its taste.
Attractive and precise features:
TAG Heuer Formula1 was earlier known for their quartz movements, but after 2015 it included flawless automatic movements for unmatched timekeeping. Lion`s share of watches hailing from this watch family shows the time in seconds, minutes and hours. They also provide calendar that exhibits a glimpse of the current date. Chronograph editions of this collection consolidate numerous sub-dials and tachymeter scales.
Formula 1 Gents`:
Reflecting the fearless attitude of the professional sports persons connected with sports activities like trekking, diving and racing. Their tough mentality has been echoed in these timepieces. Their durability and high tolerance makes them similar to the mentioned persons. It has a distinctive position in the brand`s heritage because it was the first watch that was launched after the takeover of Heuer by TAG in 1986.
Design of these watches has been modified several times. The current edition of Formula 1 watches have an entirely new look with a different similar to that of 1970s Heuer Autavia. Its deep connection with grand prix racing teams like McLaren have made them famous among the professional car racers.
The men`s version of this prestigious TAG Heuer watch collection has been made with sheer brilliance so that they can perform with unmatched accuracy. Their looks are sure to tempt you. Various colours like blue, black, white, silver and many others are implemented to the watch dials. The mentioned colours are very attractive. They also help in increasing the style value of the watches. Case of the watches become hard and strong with substances like titanium, steel and gold PVD stainless steel. Regular circular patterned watches are loaded with automatic as well as quartz movements. Most of these models comprise quartz complication, while certain versions are included with the impeccable automatic movement.
Stylish and different types of watch straps are offered with the Formula 1 watches. Maximum models are tied with stainless steel watch straps. Other types of straps have been made with synthetic, nato, rubber and many more. All of these types of watch bands are flexible at the wearer`s wrist. 30 to 300 metres water resistance function of these models protect them from risks caused by water and enhance their life span.
Formula 1 for Women:
Along with the sportiness, meuanunciogratis.com.br the women`s branch of Formula 1 watches from TAG Heuer also has a touch sparkling dazzle. These timepieces suit the vibrant mentality of the women watch users. Their hard steel base gives them stamina equivalent to that of a lady sports person. In addition to it, their classy dials are treated with black, white and maroon. Maroon dials have the maximum appealing ability with leather straps. A model with white dial and stainless steel strap are a perfect combination.
Luminous hand dial is offered in some models of this collection. It glows at the wrist of a female watch user. Chronograph is also loaded in certain pieces to measure the speed of time. This is an effective watch function so it helps to increase the precision of these watches. Date display is a common feature and is offered in many of these timepieces. It shows the current date and time to the user. All the mentioned functions integrate to make the Formula 1 watches close to the heart of watch admirers.
The author of this content is overwhelmed with the trendy TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches . He loves to write about them in his articles that are available in many article based sites.
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