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Tag Heuer Carrera Watches - Never Slow Down In The Life
Watches designed by TAG Heuer never crack under pressure. Through the toughest mechanics and excellent performance, these watches come up with a winning spirit that graces the wrists of the champions. Each collection brings out the bravest stories of the brand that makes it one of the popular names in the luxury watch world. The Carrera collection reveals a lot of things about the brand, particularly the speedy journey both on and off the racetracks.
The Carrera collection was introduced by Jack Heuer in 1963 to give a tribute to the widely-known auto race - Carrera Panamerica. The design perfectly brought out the thrill and excitement of the performers participated in the race. These watches proudly left the quintessential watchmaking behind to welcome a new design that expresses the adrenaline rush of the drivers. The Carrera line brought up timepieces designed with the chronograph functions to provide an extra measure to the wearers. Even crafted for the racing tracks, they easily fit into the daily lifestyle of the generation through their simple and elegant architectures. Coming with a fusion fashion, these watches can be used for any purpose.
CAR2A10.BA0799 - That Design that Drives You to the Goal:
The superiority of the brand lies in its design that combines bold and sophistication together. The 43mm black dial justifies the reputation of the brand in the luxury watchmaking through its fine craftsmanship and delicate design. Every feature and each detailing make the watch a piece that presents the utterly dashing appeal of the brand. The design gets accolades across the world that makes it an iconic style of the brand. The black dial features three sub-dial offering functions like seconds, chrono minutes and hours. The chronograph Carrera watches are specially designed to measure the lap times in a race. When it comes to design, this watch reveals the regal look without missing a single stroke. The silver-toned hands and indexes offer a creative touch to the design.
The tachymeter embossed sapphire crystal bezel awesome rounds the anti-reflective treatment of the watch. The brand brings innovation not only in its designs but also in the movement. The automatic calibre keeps the timepiece activated with a rapid date correction feature. The fine brushed and polished steel strap elevates the complete look of the watch.
WAR1114.FC6391 - Never Say No to your fashion:
The Carrera collection is significantly associated with the sporty and robust looks, but it carries the elegance also. This watch is crafted for women`s grace and stuns watch-loves, especially those who think Carrera is born to appreciate the look of the speed demons. Keeping the core design untouched, medium.com (website) this watch reveals another side of the brand that is soft and beautiful. The 39mm blue dial is blessed with the rose gold plated indexes that bring the complete design alive. You can witness the fine craftsmanship in each detailing of the watch, starting from its angled date window at 3 o`clock to the fixed bezel studded with Wesselton diamonds. The movement of the watch is powered by the quartz movement with maintaining the precision at timekeeping.
WAR1114.FC6391 - The Traditional Look is Hard to Ignore:
Even though the Carrera collection has gone through an array of significant changes over years, this watch brings out the original look of the collection with its classic three-hand design. This timepiece reveals the pristine architecture that makes the collection reputed over the world. With an elegant architecture and a finely crafted design, it speaks a lot of things about the brand. The 39mm blue dial is beautified with the rose gold hands and indexes. The polished steel case exudes a brighter look of the architecture that is rejoiced with the minimalistic design. The Carrera Lettering at 12 o`clock position glorifies the complete design in a magnificent way.
Carera collection experiments with different styles of watchmaking, each of which successfully made a reputed position in the world of luxury world. Besides, the above-mentioned timepieces, there are so many watches that grab the attention of watch lovers of all ages. Mingling perfectly with the design and technology, these timepieces are way ahead of the timepiece. These timepieces are appreciated on the wrists of both drivers and classy people.
The writer of the content has been an avid lover of the Carrera collection of TAG Heuer watches . Being a renowned watch bloggers, He loves to write blogs on the latest trend of watches.
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