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7 Strange And Unique Limos You May Want To Try For A Ride
Limousines, those elongated, luxurious vehicles that VIPs, presidents and celebrities rode before their feet touch the red carpet. Those black and multi door sedan or SUVs with shimmering lights inside and once you’re inside, it’s like you are riding a mobile party club or mobile cinema. Yesterday, limousines were one of the status symbols of the moneyed class, but today, anyone can afford to ride limos with for just a rent. This luxury vehicle got its name from the French region of Limousine where its shepherds wore a black hood and cloak resembling the vehicles’ roof driving seat. If you live in Georgia State, for instance, you will see a lot of black Atlanta prom limousines or Atlanta limo rentals. Most of them have sedans as limo, but other variety exists such as USV, mini buses or simply sedan limos. Limousines are not just the stereotypical black, elongated limousine that you see in movies, they exist in many vehicle types. Around the world, limousines have versions, forms or purposes and these are among them.
Longest limousine - The longest limousine in the record is almost football field long limo and longer than the average 10 wheeler truck and measured at 100 ft. Runs on 26 tires and has swimming facilities inside. Upon seeing this limo you may wonder how the driver can turn the street corners easily. The limo appears like a giant mechanical centipede, the difference - wheels instead of legs. And for turning corners, it has built in a joint in the center, which is the same as of those large buses and mini trains. • Dual nosed escalade limousine - Appears like a Siamese twin limo. Instead of the normal back of the car, you will find two car fronts fused together, hence, two driving seat in each left and right side. Also, this limo is awesome since drivers have no need to flip the reverse gear stick. US presidential limousines - Used by US presidents, they are one of the most sophisticated and armed limousines. The limo used by the incumbent US president today and his recent predecessor’s limo has 8 inch bullet proof shielded door and windows.
This limo can repeal direct gunfire rounds and survive hits from rocket propelled grenade. Its wheel has Kevlar material, making it resistant to bullet blast. Plus, the vehicle’s body has shard resistant titanium. Inside, it has a satellite phone, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank, blood supply and medical kit to aid the president in his official trips. Indeed, A perfect vehicle when you live in a neighborhood where guns and bazooka rules, but wait before you ride till you become the nation’s chief executive in the next elections. Boeing 727 turned into the limo - This airplane metamorphosed into limo, thanks to a Mexican limousine maker. The company turned the plane into a fully functioning limo by keeping the fuselage intact minus the wings, https://nationalnews.icu/ adding tires and converting the interior into luxurious lounge. Medieval coach like limo - A custom-built limo from Novgorod, Russia. It has a high compartment resembling that coach from medieval times. It’s spacious inside and can accommodate 9 passengers. KAZ limo - Jointly made by Italy and Japan. This limo has six wheels and runs efficiently at top speed of 193 km per hour. It runs on lithium batteries and does not produce obnoxious fume yet able to reach speeds exceeding most other vehicles top speed threshold. Beetle Limo - have you heard of the German made Volkswagen car? Turn that into luxury limo, add two more doors and then you have a limo beetle. It’s more than its looks since it boast full stereo surround system inside, flat screen television, air condition, and privacy tinted glass.
SECOND ROW: Jimmy Manley, Dwight Palmer, Jimmy Gilliland, Teddy Kelly, Mike Ellington, Dwight Williams, Junior Moore, Jerry Moore, Jimmy Palmer, Louise Moss. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Barker, Ruth McGee, James Oscar Miles, Gail Smith, Edith Foxworth, Mike Fraser, Pat Roeder, Mary Ann Rogers, Patsy McGee, Barbara Manley. In High School Auditorium: Sheila Sloan was the bride and Rod Terry was the groom. My mother made my dress out of crepe paper. I think that might be Linda White on the left and Kayle Kelly on the right. Do you recognize anyone? Photo Below - Sheila Sloan Sellers at Boscobel with the Big Slide in the background. Sheila says I loved the big slide in the background and the platform for jumping and diving. I wore out many swim suits on that slide. Sheila with the Big Slide at Boscobel! 34 classmates have responded 19 have not. Pendleton Elementary School - Can you name these beautiful ladies? Do you remember the Old Pendleton Movie Theatre? One photo is my Dad in the projection room at the movie theatre in Pendleton.
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